Wednesday, August 13, 2008

100 push-up challenge

I am a weak-tit. Seriously. When we moved a couple of weeks ago, my lack of strength led to me dropping a couch on myself. Yeah, it's a problem.

I was excited, you might imagine, to find the Hundred Push-up Challenge where apparently, if I follow the program, I will be able go go from doing very few (okay, zero) push-ups, to 100 in six weeks. I don't doubt the program, but I certainly doubt my abilities. We'll see what happens.


cymrusteve said...

Hey good luck with the program ok? And remember, it's all about progress, not necessarily the end goal. Keep chipping away week by week and you'll do great!

All the best,


BM said...

Like steve said in the previous comment, The journey is more important than the end goal of 100 pushups. I finished week 3 yesterday, It took me 7 weeks to get here. Keep doing the pushups and in a few weeks you will be surprised at the progress you have made.